WLS gets involved:
for the environment and for people.

Just like every other person and company, WLS is an integral part of the environment – and we believe that this leads to responsibility and concern. That is why we want to go far beyond what is required by law when it comes to the environment. WLS is determined to contribute each year so as to bring about positive effects in our own sphere of influence. Our aim is to make the world a little better with the means at our disposal.

And therefore we seek and promote projects and ideas that are in alignment with our company size and basic principles. We deliberately disengage this commitment from the otherwise so important cost optimization in our business.

But who knows, maybe these very projects will yet turn out to be our most sustainable investment into a better tomorrow …

Besides nature and the environment, we also want to support underprivileged people in our society. We know that the global level of suffering and poverty is vast – but that’s no reason to do nothing about it.

Even small steps will move us forward!