Partnering with a system:
How WLS works for its clients.

We approach logistical demands with consideration, intelligence, and systematically. We use an efficient warehouse management system that was developed in-house for WLS over the years by an experienced team of programmers. This system is being continually adapted and evolved to meet the specific needs of our clients.

From the digital input of order data via paperless consignment all the way to the seamless tracking of the movement of goods:
Our software supports scanning and bar code technologies and meets all modern logistics requirements.
But our warehouse management system is also wide open for the implementation of individual special requests stemming from the sometimes highly different customer requirements. With WLS the processes determine the IT – not vice versa. This makes for efficiency!

Our system can of course be linked up to your own current system. All WLS locations are interconnected and operate on a common platform – this creates important hardware synergies and requires less software development effort.

Despite all the support through modern technology and the automation of standard processes, our focus at WLS remains the partnership with our customers, personal cooperation and individual problem solving.