Logistics is the opposite of chance:
Quality and safety at WLS.

Our success hinges on the satisfaction and the business success of our customers. Being a reliable partner is one of our primary goals. WLS lives and breathes its internal and external quality standards and business processes on a daily basis. We guarantee the quality of our services in accordance with your individual requirements that we specify together with you ahead of time. The productive cooperation with our clients is important to us.

In order to assure quality requirements, we have established a strong process-controlled organization – a control being effected continually by well-motivated employees. Precise organizational charts and task descriptions make sure that responsibilities and competencies can be grasped by each employee, with the essential business processes laid down in writing. Each department has clear goals that are derived from the company strategy and are mutually agreed upon. The achievement of objectives goes hand in hand with the maintaining of our values and jointly developed corporate culture.

Co-operating on quality and safety

Each and every employee contributes to the realization of our quality policy from his or her workplace. It is therefore the task of our employees to maintain a high-quality and customer-oriented level of service. Potentials for errors are to be identified and pointed out at an early stage. The quality of our services depends to a significant degree on the motivation and skills of our employees, the communication at all levels and the quality of our work equipment and processes.

The education and training of our team, the open communication and management culture and the provision of appropriate and safe labor infrastructures play an important role for us. The pursuit of quality and performance always goes on. Therefore the promotion of quality awareness and the demand for optimization in all areas of the company and with each of our employees is a priority management task.

This understanding ranges from staff reviews to the IT environment, from the different business processes and infrastructures to hygiene and ultimately to product quality and safety. Based on this quality policy we develop objectives and programs, look after their continuous further development and thereby bring about the continuous improvement of our services.

The result of our efforts: international corporations we service have audited us year after year according to strict criteria with very positive results.

Moreover, there are strict access controls to the building at WLS, camera surveillance and a 24-hour security service in the fenced-in area, which is also secured by an alarm system.