Working together to shape tomorrow

Our environmental policy defines our corporate actions with regard to environmental protection. It is binding for all employees. We consider nature and human society as part of a global ecosystem that must remain balanced under all circumstances.



...operate sustainably.
...believe environmental protection is of existential importance.
...encourage all employees to behave responsibly towards the environment.
...minimise product risk to protect our employees, local residents, customers and the environment.
...oblige our suppliers to comply with our health, safety and environmental standards.
...use resources in a responsible, environmentally friendly manner.
...operate an environmental management system and are regularly audited by independent bodies.
...understand our responsibility towards our business partners and employees.
...develop and implement new, concrete environmental objectives each year.
...inform each employee about the importance of contributing to these objectives.
...monitor our ‘environmental balance’ and regularly analyse the consequences of our actions.
...convey environmental ideas and efforts to our customers and suppliers.
...opt for the most environmentally friendly approach when choosing our infrastructure.
...invest in technologies that offer a high standard of security and energy efficiency.

Previously implemented measures

  • Free cooling equipment
  • Modern and energy-efficient heating and air conditioning units  (geothermal probes)
  • Own photovoltaic system (with the aim of self-sufficient energy supply!)
  • Tractors replaced by terminal truck (MAFI)
  • Electric lorries
  • Conversion of warehouse lighting to LED
  • Sink taps with motion sensors
  • Lighting controlled by motion sensors
  • Label printer with ribbon-saving module
  • Paper consumption reduced through digitalisation